Real Estate

Our attorneys possess over twenty years of combined experience in handling all aspects of real estate, both residential and commercial. Our attorneys are licensed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts making us an easy choice for one-stop regional title and closing services.

We represent buyers and sellers in all phases of residential and commercial Real Estate transactions. Our representation starts when you make the decision to either buy or sell your property. Our staff will assist you in all phases of your Real Estate transactions.

Our Services Include, but are not limited to:

Listing Agent or Broker's Agreement review.
If you are the Seller, this is a critical stage of your Real Estate transaction that is often overlooked.

Purchase and Sales Agreement Preparation and Review.
Whether you are the buyer or seller, the Purchase and Sales Agreement is what binds the parties. Written contracts are often poorly drafted and confusing. We will prepare the Agreement or review one that has been prepared by a realtor or lawyer to ensure your rights are protected and you understand each and every paragraph before you sign.

Mortgage applications.
Very often mortgage brokers make promises they can't keep. An attorney can help prepare you for this process and provide you with advice before you sign and commit.

Home inspection.
For buyers, this is as important as the contract. Hire an expert before you commit to purchase. An inspection done by a licensed professional could make or break a deal. We will review the final report with you and your inspector and take any action necessary to notify the seller of any noted defects in the property.

Title Search and Insurance.
These are perhaps the most misunderstood part of closings. Our office will conduct a title search to verify the property you are buying has clear title. We will also provide title insurance as further assurance as to your ownership.

Closing and Escrow.
We also act as lender's counsel and may be able to conduct the closing itself at our office or at a location agreed to by the buyers and sellers.